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  1. pokerstar

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    Me and my buddies get together on weekends and play some Texas Hold 'Em. We usually play for drinks and whoever loses the hand has to chug a shot and keep on playing. It is a fun way to get some skills developed and to just have some simple fun.

    Anyone ever do things like this?
  2. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    and to get drunk easy. rof

    Seems I can play table poker better than online.

    Someday I'm gonna learn. I think I just get intimidated to easy.

    Bonus Paradise is in the works for some freerolls, so hope to see you there.

    Then you can help me a bit. rof​
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  3. Dmoney644

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    I used to have a home game i could play any day of the week. between all my friends, there was a game somewhere. i found out that if i let everyone else drink, it gave me a better edge towards the end of the night when i was still sober, and everyone else had gotten drunk! lol

    most buyins were $20 and some $50. So With 15-20 players on average, the prize pool was a decent payout!

    i haven't played any in a long time, but last 4 games i played, i won 2, split a 1st place{cause of the time} and took a 3rd place.

    I Really think online poker has improved my patience and my game. Can't wait to play with you pokerstar, nothing i love more than a good game is good competition.

    i promise soon to teach you some poker kotsy! real soon! rof​
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  4. pokerstar

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    Sometimes me and my mates would mix up disgusting drinks. We would put in ketchup, mustard, salt, chocolate sauce, A1, egg yolk, pickle juice, salad dressing and any liquid we can find and mix it all up and whoever loses has to chug.
  5. Marina

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    Please dont invite me! :D
  6. Vicky

    Vicky Well-Known Member

    I'LL PASS too!
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  7. Dmoney644

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    Man, That Drink Would Suck For You If I Was Playing With You Guys, rof

    I'd Make Sure I'd Take All Your Chips, But I'd Be Nice And Make Your Friends Drink B4 You, You Could Go Last! roflmao

    :p{just kidding with you my friend, rof!}​
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  8. Vicky

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    Guys are WEIRD ROTF!

    in a nice way :D:D:D
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  9. chatty

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    My bother and i, always use to play cards and at end whoever wins the games shall not do any work of the household for about a week. Usually i use to lose the game and will do the household works for a week. This has happened to me many times but my brother to has lost the game but only for 4 to 5 times.

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