WMS Releases Lord of the Rings: The Reels of Rivendell

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May 3, 2008
WMS has just released another Lord of the Rings slot and it’s a top-notch game filled with bonuses and extras.
The Reels of Rivendell joins the original Lord of the Rings slot, 3RM, Return of the King, and Two Towers in select WMS casinos.

The Reels of Rivendell

The latest WMS release is a cabinet system featuring two 1080p high-definition screens. The upper-most screen is a curved 42-inch LCD display, delivering incredibly crisp and vivid images. The videoslot
has five reels, 40 paylines and it’s one of WMS’ Bonus Guarantee games, which means that you don’t need to look for a bonus symbol. Instead, any time you hit a five-times or greater win, you’ll trigger the
Lord of the Rings Bonus Round. When this happens, the top screen comes to life and a large wheel full of exciting bonuses begins to turn. You may get the Aragorn Bonus, in which you may choose one of
five andúrils. The top pick provides a 50-times multiplier. The Legolas Bonus may also appear, which can deliver up to 50 wilds per spin. If you receive the Arwen Free Spin Bonus, an oversized Arwen icon
will take over several spots on the reels, giving you the chance to collect a ton of free spins. The Reels of Rivendell may also shower you with more than 200 wilds with its Falling Wilds feature or drop them
across four separate sets of reels if the Falling Reels feature is triggered. The game also includes multiple progressive jackpots named after different characters.

The Original Lord of the Rings Slot

The Reels of Rivendell is a sequel to the original Lord of the Rings game by WMS. It applies different features and technology, delivering brand-new adaptive gaming experiences from the company.
Players are able to accumulate miles throughout gameplay and, as they accrue, eight different bonus rounds are unlocked. What makes it a truly unique experience, however, is that the game can be
saved in progress and picked up again later, without losing miles. In addition, five Power Spin awards are available throughout the game which can be used to improve a spin’s outcome. These include
Bonus Booster, Frodo Wilds, Random Reels Wild, Scatter Spin, and Win Multiplier.

Two Towers
As the second installment of the LOTR trilogy, The Two Towers was created with the same adaptive gaming features as the original version. Players are able to use miles that are accrued from the original
game and apply them to Two Towers and unlock new bonuses. In total, four new unlockable bonuses were added, plus Power Spins and random wilds are available.

Return of the King

When WMS released Return of the King, they said it was the final LOTR game. It was created with adaptive gaming features as well, and miles collected from previous two games can be applied to
Return of the King, unlocking any of the new bonus features right away.

3RM (3-Reel Slots)

WMS’ Lord of the Rings 3RM slot is totally different from the trilogy. It utilizes mechanical reels, yet has a built-in LCD display to showcase movie clips and highlight bonuses and wins. 3RM is a
sensory immersion game, which means that players sit in a specially-designed chair which enables them to hear audio on surround sound, view impeccable next-gen graphics, and feel the game, too.
Using The Land of Mordor and The Fellowship themes, multipliers, free spins, and other features are doled out.

Lord of the Rings Online Slots ?

If you’re looking for a LOTR slot to play online, sadly, you won’t find it. Although Microgaming had one out at one point in time, it had to be decommissioned. In 2012, J.R.R. Tolkien’s estate
sued Warner Bros. over copyright infringement issues. The claim is that Warner Bros. was only allowed to create “tangible merchandise” per their agreement and any kind of online or downloadable
game was outside the scope of allowable items. The latest court updates indicate that lawyers from both sides are still duking it out. If Warner Bros. manages to make their case, the Microgaming slot
could reemerge and perhaps we’ll also see WMS Lord of the Rings slots made into online versions as well. For now, you’ll have to head to a brick-and-mortar casino if you want to play.

It’s interesting that WMS decided to release their new The Reels of Rivendell slot despite the ongoing litigation, considering Team Tolkien does not approve of any LOTR gambling games, whether online
or on land. It may also be possible that, although they disapprove, they have no legal grounds to insist on the slot games being banned altogether. With that said, if The Lord of the Rings has taught us only
one thing, it’s that “Even darkness must pass…” Perhaps a new day will come and there will be LOTR online slots for all.
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May 5, 2008
I hope and i really do hope to see this one online....wow

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