World Series of Poker Daily Summary for June

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Jun 11, 2008
Monday's bracelet came in Event #39. The final nine players remaining was led by Thom Werthmann, the only remaining individual to have won a bracelet in previous years. However a 40-hand showdown of Matt Wood vs. David Woo ensued with Mr. Woo coming out the victor. He won $631,656.
After reading about all that money David Woo won a few days ago, it made me remember the first time I ever watched the WSOP on ESPN. It was Chris Moneymaker against Sammy Farha. What a clash! That year sort of brought Texas Hold Em into the American living room.
Yes there have been some great showdowns over the years in poker.Once they started showing it on tv it was a wild fire with the amount of new players that joinned.I got close via freerolls to make it to Vegas for the big one.Three more spots and it would of been mine.
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Well Dmoney they have so many freerolls and such that a person might just get lucky oneday.Who knows we might meet at the final table and have us a good old
I'll Be Looking
Forward To That Day My Friend, But Remember,
It Doesn't Have To Be The WSOP To Have That Great Showndown,
I'll See You In The Next Freeroll We Have? hehe​

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